Camp More empowers kids and teens who stutter, ages 7-18, to do more and say more through transformative experiences where they gain more confidence, self-acceptance, and connections for camp and beyond.


By immersing kids and teens in a safe and fun, recreational overnight camp experience amongst peers who also stutter, they will be challenged socially and begin to break down barriers in communication. Staff and peers will encourage campers to say what they want to say without concerns about judgment or time pressure, an experience which may be a welcome change for some campers. The sleep away nature and structured, daily schedule of events, will help create an environment that will encourage connections, openness, comradery, and most importantly, communication. There will be daily group therapy sessions to facilitate discussions on experiences and thoughts on stuttering, and to target increasing self-acceptance and confidence within themselves.

This camp will not, however, focus on speech therapy tools or techniques. Such therapy is something that most kids and teens have had, or do have, exposure to throughout a variety of speech therapy services at their school or in the community. The purpose of Camp More is not to attempt to recreate such services or to teach new stuttering modification and fluency shaping techniques. Instead, the focus is on building more communication, confidence, self-acceptance, and friendship within a naturally therapeutic, safe, and supportive environment.

Each camper, with the guidance and mentoring of a trained staff member, will create and target personalized goals for camp, where they will do 'more' of something. These are individual to each camper and what he or she feels is the most important "next steps" in communicative and/or social domains. Examples of such goals may be 'More... talking, friendships, open stuttering, self-acceptance, joke telling, etc.' Our hope is that campers will take home with them skills learned and a desire to continue working on their goals, along with the positive memories and friendships made at camp.