What is Camp More 2021 going to look like?

Each day we bring in professionals from

A little different; A lot wonderful. Truly.


Although Camp More is moving to a day camp model for 2021, it is going to be memorable and life changing. 

We have secured a wonderful, brand new day camp site in St. Paul, Oregon, which is approximately 40 minutes outside of Portland, that offers all of the land, space, and facilities we could possibly need. We are also happy to announce that we have secured transportation to and from camp for campers from a location in SW Portland! 

 A Variety of Activities


At Camp More, campers have access to a wide array of activities. While our focus remains on increasing confidence, friendships, and communication, we do so while offering rich and exciting summer camp programming. There will be small group times, whole group activities, and free times when campers can alternate between activities (while adhering to COVID guidelines). We are in the midst of planning all of the fun activities we will offer including arts and crafts, fishing, hiking, adventure courses, giant swing, animal encounters, yoga, drama, improv, and more! 


The Best Counselors!


We are so honored to have the most amazing Speech Language Pathology graduate student clinicians from our two partner universities, Portland State University and Pacific University, as our camp counselors. Not only are they knowledgeable about stuttering, they are passionate about working with kids and teens. 

Picnic Lunches &

Family BBQ


We are asking families to pack a picnic lunch for their child each day and to make sure they arrive at camp having already eaten breakfast. Campers will enjoy their packed lunches, picnic style, with their friends, but spaced 6 feet apart (also while following COVID guidelines). We will provide snacks. Additionally, on the last day of camp, we will be providing an all camp send-off catered meal at the end of our day, for us all to enjoy together. More details to come. 

Lunch to Go
Camp 2020.jpg

The Time of Their Lives


Campers will never have a moment at camp where they will be able to say they are bored. Between elected activities, discussion groups, and special programming, campers are constantly engaged in all things Camp More. They will leave camp feeling more confident, empowered and connected to a community. They will not be able to wait until camp the next summer!