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Meet Our Team


Director & Co-Founder

Sarah Vann

Sarah Vann, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist at Providence St. Vincent in Portland, Oregon. She has had a strong interest and passion for stuttering since grad school, and it has since become an area of specialty for her in the field. While working with patients who stutter, Sarah's mission is to support individuals in their journeys with becoming confident communicators. She believes that using a holistic approach by not focusing on fluency, fostering community, and targeting the underlying feelings and emotions of stuttering is paramount. It is because of this belief in her treatment approach, her understanding the magic of summer camps, and there being a need for more community and social opportunities for those who stutter, that she wanted to start Camp More in her final year of graduate school as her special project. She  joined forces with Kristin Mangan in 2015 to create the inaugural session of Camp More in 2016 and the rest is history.


Beyond camp, Sarah is actively involved in the stuttering community. She runs More Meetups throughout the year which is a part of Camp More, and she participates regularly in the Portland chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA). Sarah has presented on the topic of stuttering to fellow SLPs, educators, children, and families locally, nationally, and globally.

Sarah is incredibly proud of Camp More and the lives it has touched. She is beyond excited for the continued growth of Camp More and More Meetups. When not working or with her groups, Sarah is usually always kept busy by her three teenage and one toddler sons: Bryton, Maddox, Jonas, and Colton. Sarah also enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, arts and crafting, and spending time with her family, friends, and fur babies.



Kristin Mangan

Kristin Mangan, M.A., CCC-SLP is an Assistant Professor and Speech-Language Pathologist at the Institute on Development and Disability at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. She has specialized in stuttering, as well as feeding and swallowing, for the past 16 years. She is an active member in the FRIENDS, the National Association for Young People Who Stutter, as well as in the National Stuttering Association (NSA). She has presented both regionally and nationally on the subject of stuttering to children, parents, educators, and other professionals.

On a local level Kristin sees children, teens, and young adults who stutter for evaluations and treatment at the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC). Given her strong beliefs that counseling, community, self-acceptance as a person who stutters, and building confidence is an imperative part of one's stuttering journey, she started a support group for teens who stutter, called TOPS: Teens Out Promoting Stuttering (now shared with kids and called More Meetups). This has been a source of tremendous joy for Kristin.

When not at work, Kristin greatly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, mainly her son, Sive. She also loves traveling, exercising, reading, cooking, and gardening.

Assistant Director

Bethany Laratta

Bethany Laratta, M.S. CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist in the Portland Metro Area. She earned her bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a double minor in Family Child Studies and Sign Language from Northern Illinois University in 2019, followed by a master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Pacific University in 2021. She joined the Camp More team in the summer of 2023, and she is excited to be the new Assistant Director for 2024!

Bethany is passionate about serving the stuttering community. Her journey towards acceptance started when she was 18 years old, when she finally met someone else who stutters. Until then, she kept her stutter hidden and attended weekly speech therapy sessions that revolved around fluency. Meeting someone else who stutters was an invaluable experience that showed her the importance of community and talking about stuttering openly. As a co-leader for the National Stuttering Association's Portland Chapter, Bethany aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for those who stutter.

She attended the National Stuttering Association Conference in 2022, where she found inspiration and motivation to continue building a strong stuttering community. Bethany moved to Oregon from Illinois to get her master's and is never leaving the PNW beauty! She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking with her fiancé. She has been hula hooping for 8 years and can't wait to show you some tricks! 


The "Campsler"

Matthew Periera

Matthew Periera is a speech language pathologist in the public schools in Texas! He graduated with his Master's Degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Matthew has been camp staff for three camp sessions now and is affectionately referred to as our beloved camp "campsler." Every year, he cannot wait to come back. As someone who stutters, Matthew values the life changing experience that Camp More has to offer and the bonds created. In his free time, Matthew loves to play the guitar, spend time with family and friends, and take trips to the beach. For 2024, Matthew is excited to implement a new mentorship program, "The Elders," for our older and veteran campers. He hopes to see you all out there at Camp More!

Camp Mentor

Glenn Weybright

Glenn Weybright, M.S., CCC-SLP,  is a person who stutters and a Portland speech language pathologist. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency under certification standards established by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Glenn began stuttering at age 11 and at  age 20 he received speech therapy at Portland State University where he learned tools to help him manage his stuttering. He has taught the Stuttering graduate course at Portland State University, and he is a founding member of the Portland chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

Glenn was born in Astoria Oregon and grew up in Warrenton Oregon and St. Helens Oregon, both Columbia River towns. His father was a commercial fisherman when they lived on the coast. Glenn’s love of water and fishing and boats comes from there. Glenn met his wife, Debbie, while both were taking a biology lab at Portland State University. He was impressed with her positive attitude and scalpel skill as she dissected a fetal pig. They have four grown children and six grandchildren, and they live in Beaverton Oregon.

Glenn likes hiking, fishing, clam digging and crabbing, and kayaking and canoeing. For years, he was a member of a competitive Portland dragon boat paddling club called Hampton Woods.


Camp Support

Megann McGill

Megann McGill, PhD, CCC-SLP is an Associate Professor and Director of the Portland State University (PSU) Stuttering Lab in Portland, Oregon. She is a Spanish-English bilingual, licensed speech-language pathologist with 13+ years of experience, primarily with children and adults who stutter. She is not a person who stutters but has a special interest in working with and learning from stutterers and their families. She is an active member of the Portland Chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA) and conducts a clinical research program for stuttering therapy using telepractice at PSU. Megann has published her research in a variety of peer-reviewed journals (including the Journal of Fluency Disorders, the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, and Perspectives on Speech-Language Pathology). She also presents her research related to best-practices for stuttering therapy via telepractice at local, national, and international conferences.


Megann has volunteered with Camp More since 2018 in a variety of roles. She is thrilled to be joining Camp More staff again in 2024! 


In her free time, Megann can be found hiking (she summited Mt. St. Helen's in 2023!), playing with her dog Lulu, exploring the PNW with her husband, baking breads and cakes, or reading.

Camp Support

Tiffani Kittilstved

Tiffani Kittilstved, M.S., CCC-SLP (she/her/hers) is a speech therapist in Seattle. She recently opened her own business where she sees clients of all ages with most of her clients being kids, teens, and adults who stutter. She is currently in the process of completing her PhD through Idaho State University in Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences where her research focuses on covert stuttering, systemic ableism experienced by stutterers, and exploring and centering the experiences of people who stutter with intersecting marginalized identities (e.g. BIPOC, women, queer folx, and individuals with multiple disabilities).

One of Tiffani’s passions within this field is advocacy. She enjoys organizing and being involved in grassroots advocacy efforts as well as helping her clients to feel empowered to unconditionally and radically love and accept themselves and their stuttering. Her advocacy efforts began as an attempt to reclaim her power after significant experiences of discrimination for her stuttering in higher education. Becoming an SLP after these adverse experiences was both terrifying and empowering but now she tries to use her experiences to prevent others from having the same experiences.

Additionally, Tiffani is the chapter leader for the National Stuttering Association Seattle Family Chapter and is involved with both the NSA and FRIENDS - An Association of Young People who Stutter. In her free time, she loves playing board games, spending summers on the water, drinking far too much coffee, and hanging out with her friends.



While first and foremost, Camp More is a camp and community for kids and teens who stutter, we are also a speech language pathology graduate student training practicum. We have been fortunate to be partnered with the SLP graduate programs from both Portland State University and Pacific University since year one, as well as University of Oregon in 2023. In this experience, graduate students receive the opportunity to be immersed in a therapeutic approach to stuttering where fluency tools are never the focus.

Board of Directors

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