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Meet Our Team

Director & Co-Founder: Sarah Vann

Sarah Vann (previously Herr Davies), M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist for Portland Public Schools and private practice in Portland, Oregon. She has a strong interest and passion for stuttering, which has quickly become an area of specialty for her in the field. While working with clients who stutter, Sarah's mission is to provide support in helping individuals become confident as a person who stutters through treating all aspects of stuttering, including attitudes and emotions and fostering community, instead of focusing on the stuttering behaviors themselves. It is because of this belief in her treatment approach and a need for more community and social opportunities for those who stutter, that she joined forces with Kristin Mangan in late 2015 to create the inaugural session of Camp More in 2016. 


Beyond camp, Sarah is actively involved in the stuttering community. After starting the process of creating Camp More and witnessing the positive impacts of Kristin's support group for teens who stutter (TOPS), she started a version for kids (KOPS), now blended together called More Meetups. Sarah participates regularly in the Portland chapter of the National Stuttering Association (NSA)-an adult support group for people who stutter, after co-leading for it for 3 years. Sarah has presented on the topic of stuttering to fellow SLPs, educators, children, and families, and is a constant resource to other area SLPs looking to further their development of skills in holistically evaluating and treating stuttering. 

Sarah is incredibly proud of Camp More and it's success the past several years. She is beyond excited for the continued growth of Camp More including More Meetups. When not working or with her groups, Sarah is usually always kept busy by her three teenage and one toddler sons: Bryton, Maddox, Jonas, and Colton. Sarah also enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, arts and crafting, and spending time with her friends and family.

Assistant Director & Co-Founder: Kristin Mangan

Kristin Mangan, M.A., CCC-SLP is an Assistant Professor and Speech-Language Pathologist at the Institute on Development and Disability at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. She has specialized in stuttering, as well as feeding and swallowing, for the past 16 years. She is an active member in the FRIENDS, the National Association for Young People Who Stutter, as well as in the National Stuttering Association (NSA). She has presented both regionally and nationally on the subject of stuttering to children, parents, educators, and other professionals.

On a local level Kristin sees children, teens, and young adults who stutter for evaluations and treatment at the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC). Given her strong beliefs that counseling, community, self-acceptance as a person who stutters, and building confidence is an imperative part of one's stuttering journey, she started a support group for teens who stutter, called TOPS: Teens Out Promoting Stuttering (now shared with kids and called More Meetups). This has been a source of tremendous joy for Kristin and has resulted in growth and excitement for the teens (and now kids) that participate regularly. 

When not at work, Kristin greatly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, mainly her son, Sive. She also loves traveling, exercising, reading, cooking, and gardening.

Activities Director: Katrina Zens

Katrina Zens M.S., CF-SLP, is a Speech Language Pathologist who provides services at a non-profit private practice in the Portland Metro area. She received her bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Portland State University in 2018 and her Master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Pacific University in 2020.

Katrina provides a variety of speech, language, and feeding services to children in all stages of life. Her passions include feeding, articulation, and of course stuttering. She started as a camp volunteer in 2016, and has been holding staff-support, and staff roles ever since. Camp More campers are resilient, brave, and an example for us to unapologetically be ourselves - whether your speech sounds different, or not. Katrina uses this mantra both in her professional life and personal life. Working with children who stutter allows Katrina to use the playful and creative areas of her brain to make speech therapy fun and informative. 


Katrina enjoys spending her free time gardening in her backyard with her fiancé and three rescue dogs. If there is a sunny weekend, you’ll find Katrina on a run with her sister or backpacking the Pacific Northwest with her older brother.

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More Support Staff
Natalie Griffin

Natalie Griffin is a speech-language pathologist for Klamath Falls City Schools in Klamath Falls, Oregon. She received her Bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Portland State University in 2013 and her Master's in Speech-Language Pathology from Pacific University in 2015.

Natalie's passion in the world of speech-language pathology is working with kids and teenagers who stutter. Natalie received speech therapy through the public school system throughout her life. She spent her teenage and young adult years searching for a reason why she was never "cured" of stuttering and returned to speech therapy many times. It wasn't until she attended the PSU Speech and Hearing Clinic and started to learn about stuttering that she began to accept and even appreciate her speech. She now believes there is nothing better for kids and teens who stutter than the chance to share life experiences and discuss stuttering openly with one another. Outside of work and stuttering, you can find Natalie baking, drinking copious amounts of coffee, spending hours in a bookstore, or kayaking with her husband, Anthony.

Glenn Weybright

Glenn Weybright, M.S., CCC-SLP,  is a person who stutters and a Portland speech language pathologist. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency under certification standards established by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Glenn began stuttering at age 11 and at  age 20 he received speech therapy at Portland State University where he learned tools to help him manage his stuttering. He has taught the Stuttering graduate course at Portland State University, and he is a founding member of the Portland chapter of the National Stuttering Association.

Glenn was born in Astoria Oregon and grew up in Warrenton Oregon and St. Helens Oregon, both Columbia River towns. His father was a commercial fisherman when they lived on the coast. Glenn’s love of water and fishing and boats comes from there. Glenn met his wife, Debbie, while both were taking a biology lab at Portland State University. He was impressed with her positive attitude and scalpel skill as she dissected a fetal pig. They have four grown children and six grandchildren, and they live in Beaverton Oregon.

Glenn likes hiking, fishing, clam digging and crabbing, and kayaking and canoeing. For years, he was a member of a competitive Portland dragon boat paddling club called Hampton Woods.

Matthew Periera

Matthew Periera is a speech language pathologist in the public schools in Texas! He graduated with his Master's Degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Matthew has joined us for two camp sessions as our resident, "campsler," and he cannot wait to come back! As someone who stutters, Matthew values the life changing experience that Camp More has to offer and the bonds created! In his free time, Matthew loves to play the guitar, spend time with family and friends, and take trips to the beach! He hopes to see you all out there at Camp More!

Bethany Laratta

Bethany Laratta, M.S. CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist in the Portland Metro Area. She earned her bachelor's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a double minor in Family Child Studies and Sign Language from Northern Illinois University in 2019, followed by a master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Pacific University in 2021. 


Bethany is passionate about serving the stuttering community. Her journey towards acceptance started when she was 18 years old, when she finally met someone else who stutters. Until then, she kept her stutter hidden and attended weekly speech therapy sessions that revolved around fluency. Meeting someone else who stutters was an invaluable experience that showed her the importance of community and talking about stuttering openly. As a co-leader for the National Stuttering Association's Portland Chapter, Bethany aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for those who stutter.

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She attended the National Stuttering Association Conference in 2022, where she found inspiration and motivation to continue building a strong stuttering community. Bethany moved to Oregon from Illinois to get her master's and is never leaving the PNW beauty! She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking with her fiancé. She has been hula hooping for 8 years and can't wait to show you some tricks! 

Board of Directors
President: TBA



Vice President: Mark Springgate

Mark joined the Camp More community as a parent of a child who stutters.  He has personally seen the life changing impact of Camp More on its participants. He strongly believes that Camp More makes a unique difference by offering a supportive environment which encourages campers to freely express themselves and build self-confidence. 


Mark is an engineer in the aerospace industry, a long time resident of Portland. He lives in S.E. Portland with his wife, Liza and two teenage children.  He has been a First Lego League robotics coach and is currently the coach of a Portland Youth Ultimate middle school team.  Mark is an outdoors enthusiast and dedicated bicycle commuter. 

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Treasurer: Kerry Mandulak

Kerry is an (associate) professor at Pacific University in the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders.  She teaches the graduate level course in Stuttering at Pacific, and serves as the clinical liaison between Pacific and Camp More.  Kerry has been a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for over 20 years, and has always had a clinical interest and focus on working with people who stutter across the lifespan.  In 2011, Kerry and Glenn Weybright, a longtime SLP in Portland and person who stutters, in collaboration with a graduate student, revived the National Stuttering Association’s Portland Chapter of the stuttering support group.  In addition, she and the inaugural cohort of the Pacific SLP master’s degree program were some of the founding supporters of the movie The Way We Talk. 


Kerry is honored to help support and coordinate efforts between Pacific University and Camp More in order to facilitate the development of future “stutter-friendly” SLPs and training graduate students in the knowledge, skills, and clinical empathy that is essential to work with children, teens, and adults who stutter.  

The moment she arrives at Camp More and puts her feet on the ground, she can feel the magic of this program.  Her heart is deeply committed to the work of training future SLPs and serving the community of people who stutter in Portland. Kerry is married to David and has two sons; Henry, who is 13, and August, who is 9 (and who stuttered for 2 years).  She is a novice birder and an expert fan of college gymnastics (#gobeavs)!  

Secretary: Diana Post

Diana is an early childhood educator at an independent school in the Portland area. She is married to her husband David, and the mother of three; Nate (24), Will (21), and George (17). Diana’s passion for children who stutter began when her first son started speech therapy at age 3. Over the years, she has enjoyed working alongside several speech language pathologists and has become an advocate for educating others on understanding how to best support children who stutter. She wholeheartedly believes in the mission of Camp More and has personally seen how the camp has empowered her own children. She is thrilled to be a part of an organization that aims to encourage children who stutter to do more.  


Diana loves to take long walks, visit the Oregon coast, travel with her family to new places and visit her childhood friends in the UK.

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