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What our campers and their families have to say about Camp More:

"Life isn't easy for a kiddo that stutters no matter how athletic, creative, smart, or vivacious they are. Before attending Camp More, my 14 year old son, Fenix, always felt like the stutter kept him from being who he is inside. The day he came back to me from camp, I could see it in his eyes that his world had changed. 'Mom, I found my people,' were his words to me and I don't believe I have ever heard more impactful words as a parent. Camp More and its amazing team showed my son that he is everything he feels inside, and they supported his stutter as part of who he is teaching him to embrace instead of be embarrassed.  Fenix has "People" and has found a place in life where he feels like he "fits"-something every parent wants for their kid and something I will continue to support."


~Michelle Bowers, camper parent 

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